Propeller #2 & #3 are available on Comixology

Propeller issues #2 & #3 are available on Comixology right now! HD and DMR-free.

Tras una larga espera desde el número 1, en estas dos últimas semanas se han publicado los números 2 y 3 de Propeller en Comixology.

Propeller #2

Propeller #3


"He’s not really a hero, not really a villain and not really an anti-hero. He’s very much a guy in a weird situation who’s main motivation is self-preservation  and it’s still unclear how far he’s willing to go for that"

"Mo is doing an amazing job with building his protagonists. Alberto Muriel continues to excel on art. “Propeller” has a bit of a noir vibe but never gets too dark"

Jess Camacho - www.geekedoutnation.com

"Propeller #2, being part two of a four part arc, creates a story that is easy to follow and inventive in its ability to entertain. If you’re looking for something different this week, I recommend checking it out."

Brent Tebbetts - www.eatgeekplay.com


"a gorgeous black and white story with a twist, mashing up the 1950s crime story vibe with a super-human element. The book is a fast paced read where nobody is completely on the side of the angels and also had some of the best drawn rain I have seen in ages!

DownTheTubes: Can you tell us about the Propeller series? How did it come about and where it’s headed?

Ricardo: It came about because I thought, rather ambitiously, that producing a complete story would be a much better use of my time and money than a dozen failed pitches and nothing anyone could actually read."