Propeller #1 - Dial P for power now available on Comixology and reviews

The first issue of  Propeller, Ricardo Mo and me own creator comic, is now available on Comixology for less than $1. PICK UP! 

Some roughs from cover process. Ricardo suggested me that Rex, the main character, didn't be shown, just be sense. I liked the idea.

Dial P for power begins this way:


"A fairly vanilla premise is fleshed out very smartly with a compelling mix of believable characters and ethical scenarios that makes Propeller a much more engaging read than you might initially expect."

"His use of monochrome colours (instead of going for mediocre digital colouring) actually helps elevate Propeller above your average indie fare, giving it a film noir/classic movie quality to it which really suit it."

"Propeller is a series that brings up the idea of masks and what we’re all trying to hide. Each person walks around with a mask, from one facet of life to the next, we might even change our masks throughout the day. This series adds another level to that notion, and explores what would happen if someone was given powers, and how it would make them react on a personal and realistic level."

"The story’s transition from action to intrigue is handled well, using personal relationships and intriguing characters to drive the narrative. Everyone in Propeller is flawed in the grand tradition of noir fiction. In quoting Hitchcock as an influence, I totally get where Ricardo is heading to structurally with this first issue. It’s the hook that he uses to propel (apologies!) the story forward."

“Propeller #1 is a really strong debut. The super powers are secondary to this story. Rex is a very strong protagonist. He rides the line of good and bad. He’s selfish but there’s more to him."

"Alberto Muriel does an amazing job on art. Every character is so expressive. Muriel does a really great job in the first few pages of “Propeller” #1 with the action in the bank. It’s a beautiful, action packed scene where no details are left out. Rex’s body language is really on point in this part of the comic because it helps establish who he is as a character."

"Propeller is unlike anything you will find published by Marvel or DC. It’s a pleasant departure from the superhero epics those companies produce, and if you are a committed reader of the big two, after finishing Propeller you’ll want to see what else is happening in the world of indie comics."

"Another of Propeller’s strengths is Alberto Muriel’s mastery of scene. Muriel brings a sense of movement to Propeller that is unseen in many comics"

El primer número de Propeller empieza hoy a venderse en la plataforma de comics digitales Comixology. Se vende en inglés, algún día tendré que pensar cómo dar salida a este cómic en castellano.