"Blacksmith" interview

An interview by Newsarama with the writers of "Blacksmith", Malik Evans and Richard Sparkman, the second graphic novel I´ve drawn for Kickstart Comics HERE.

Some pages ( Color by Marc Rueda )

"Blacksmith" tells the story of the newest member of a secret society of weapons-makers that have fueled the United States’ dominance in the past two hundred years. From industrial age technology to 21st century tech, the Blacksmiths have kept with the times – and kept on the cutting edge. But when Blacksmith Alex Malloy finds out a weapon of his was used to commit an unauthorized public assassination, he’s on the run.

I talked about "Blacksmith" in other post.

En Newsarama entrevistan a Malik Evans y Richard Sparkman, los guionistas de "Blacksmith", segunda novela gráfica que he dibujado para Kickstart comics.
Sobre "Blacksmith" ya había subido un post anteriormente mostrando alguna viñeta.
El color es del barcelones Marc Rueda

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